RJ Alverson’s Rib Shack

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2206 Dawson Rd., Albany, GA.
RJ Alverson’s Rib Shack
RJ Alverson’s Rib Shack



The story of Rea and Winston Alverson and the beginnings of "The Rib Shack"

Rea  Jester Alverson 1911-1979 - My Grandfather
O. Winston Alverson 1938-2015 - My Uncle

I always told my uncle Winston that I wished I had known Rea longer than I did. I knew him only as a young boy and I called him pawpaw.  Most of what I know about Rea was learned sitting on the patio with Uncle Winston and Aunt Gerry.  Winston's stories never left much to the imagination and were mostly consistent over the years.

Rea spent most of his adult life in Albany Ga.  He spent many years travelling around the South East before opening the Lamp & Frame shop on Broad Ave.  Rea loved ribs and talked often with his son Winston about selling chicken and ribs one day.  He built a shack out back of his home on 5th Ave but few were ever lucky enough to sample the glorious ribs that came off that 55 gallon drum. Rea created his own sauces for ribs and chicken. I have them stashed away in my Nanny's handwriting. 

I was 45 when Winston passed. I wish I had more time with him.  I would watch him cook ribs and chicken one last time.  I would ask him questions that have already been asked and answered.   I still hear him guiding me along the way.

Winston taught me most everything a man needs to know in this life.  He told me about women when I was too young to understand.  He taught me about beer and fishing and shooting a gun.   He taught me how to cook a steak and how to drive a truck.  He taught me to shake a man's hand and keep your word.  He told me that he would rather owe me than cheat me and he always covered if he owed.

Winston, like his father, loved to cook out.  No matter the occasion, when we were together, something was going on the fire.  Sitting on the patio with Winston cooking ribs was like kids on a car ride asking 'are we there yet'.  I can hear him now telling us "The ribs are ready when I say they are ready".

Winston spoke of his father's dream to open a rib shack 1000 times. Normally after someone tried his ribs and said 'man you need to sell these'.  I always knew it was as much his dream as it was his fathers.  And I always knew I would be the one to make it a reality.

The day I decided to build the first 'shack' I went and spoke with my Aunt Gerry.  I told her what my plans were.  It was two years since Winston had died.  I asked her for an old box of pictures so that I could look through them and find some pictures of Rea and Winston cooking.  Gerry gave me an old hat box with thousands of pictures in it.  I didn't look forward to the task of going through those pictures but Lady Luck smiled upon me that day.  A car pulled out in front of me and I slammed on the brakes.  When I got home I realized the box of pictures had fallen over and spilled out. The two pictures I needed were laying on top staring me in the face. Rea at the grill. Winston at the grill. I knew I was on the right path.


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