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338 W. Tefft St., Nipomo, CA. 93444


My name is Maricruz Sanchez, I’m a Nipomo native.

I moved to San Diego in 2012 where I held various job titles from property manager, realtor and solar associate but found my true passion in the hospitality industry. It was there where I was hired as a waitress at a cute Italian Restaurant off of  the main strip of Little Italy.

Every day I would walk down the strip to get to work and pass several coffee shops, restaurants, wine bars and so many smiling faces from several different areas of the world. I would see people laughing, breaking bread, cheering and speaking in different languages, which filled my heart with joy and had me smiling from ear to ear. Coming from a small town, those moments really did feel like a dream. Sharing the food and wine made it that much more special.

Walking through this kind of energy and serving such a diverse public made me so proud and happy to be working in such a beautiful establishment and location. I not only found my passion in serving the public but I also found my passion in the connections I would make with the hundreds of thousands of different people I’d serve each and every day. In honor of these  beautiful  memories I aspire that with Bubbles & Tea Coffeehouse I will bring my hometown the same beautiful energy, tastes, smells, laughter, connections, conversations and memories that I experienced while away for 10 years.




  • $15 VALUE for $7.50
  • $15 Deal comes as (3) $5 certificates.
  • Limit (1) $5 certificate per visit, per person.
  • No cash value. No credit on unused amount.
  • Not valid with other deals, specials, coupons, or offers.
  • Tax & gratuity not included.
  • Dining for Charities does not endorse this participating vendor and any dissatisfaction is not the responsibility of Dining for Charities.

$7.50 USD
$15.00 USD
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