JLD Boxing Academy

$25 Value for $15
251 Town Center E., Santa Maria, CA 93454
Located inside the Town Center East Mall


The JLD Boxing Academy is a prominent training facility, home to the renowned boxer John Leo Dato, also known as “THE LION”. Located inside the Santa Maria Mall, this gym offers a platform for individuals of all ages, including kids and adults, to engage in boxing workouts and strength training. 

Boxing is not only a sport but also an effective way to improve fitness, strength, and overall health. Training at JLD Boxing Academy will provide individuals with a structured environment to learn boxing techniques, improve physical conditioning and develop mental discipline. 

For those interested in boxing as a means of exercise or even pursuing it as a sport JLD Boxing Academy, led by John Leo Dato, might be a place to consider due to its focus on providing a space for people to train, improve their fitness and potentially learn form a notable figure in the boxing world. 

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